Selling a Business with PBS

Business Sales are a PROCESS not an EVENT.


Selling a small business is a complex process that involves several considerations.  Your selling price will ultimately be determined by your level of profitability, reason for sale, the timing of the sale, the strength of your business and operations.     

At Perth Business Sales we will conduct a thorough review of your business operations and financial records. We will ask many questions and pending responses we will then be in a position to determine the fair market value of your business in today’s marketplace and sell your business at the best price possible.

Perth Business Sales will guide you through the time-consuming process of marketing your business, finding the right buyer, negotiating the many details to sell your business, and working closely with the accountants and other parties involved to sell your business.

All information that you provide to Perth Business Sales in the process of selling your business is treated with the highest level of confidence at all times.   We pride ourselves on honesty, transparency, integrity and reliability when selling your business.  

Perth Business Sales engages in transactions that require the utmost level of confidentiality, similar to the relationships of Lawyers and Accountants have with their clients.  We will not discuss any confidential details concerning our agreement to sell your business over the telephone, nor will we give confidential information to potential buyers until they have been qualified and signed the required confidentiality agreement.

Qualification of buyers is the key in today’s market! 

Our Goal:
Achieving the optimum results for the sale of your business requires preparation and marketing supported by expert project management, financial analysis, business and industry risk profiling plus high levels of negotiation and communication.


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