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Business Valuations


When you really need to know the Market Value of a business for legal matters, partnership disputes, management buyouts, divorce or to assist in business development you should rely on us as a Registered Business Valuers.


Perth Business Sales is now part of the AIBB Registered Business Valuers community which is relied upon for professional standards and benchmark business valuations.


Prior to the creation of AIBB Registered Valuers, members of the AIBB acknowledged the known weakness within the SME community for people capable of valuing Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) competently and in consideration of the industry segments in Australia resulting in over 1000 different types of SME, capitalized again by the variation in the size of SME within those types.


The qualification is based on the Australian National Training Authority Diploma Module in Business Broking and the Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board APES 225 Valuation Services.


The AIBB is a National Association of professional business people involved in the Business Broking industry.   Core to that industry is the value of SME, be it an estimate of selling price (an appraisal) or a formal opinion of value demanding more intense investigation and verification to communicate that opinion.


With the ever-changing regulatory requirements throughout Australia for those involved in delivering professional valuation services to the SME business community, Perth Business Sales possess the skills and capabilities to deliver business valuation services to the business community.

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