Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Business Broker? What do Business Brokers do?
The principal role of business brokers is to act as a conduit between the buyer (Purchaser) and the seller (Vendor).  A business broker can relay what has to be done to make a deal, and can see how the differences in viewpoint can be ironed out effectively.


Yes, we do screen business before we take on the engagement to sell.

Perth Business Sales will turn down many of the businesses they’re asked to sell, either because the seller won’t provide full financial disclosure or because the expected business sale price is not within a commercial market value.


Yes, we handle the complete negotiation process.

During the negotiating process is when a business broker really earns their keep. Perth Business Sales will help both parties stay focused on the ultimate goal and smooth over problems.


Yes, we will complete all required documentation.

Perth Business Sales in accordance with the latest laws and regulations will document the business sale noting all conditions, licenses, permits, financing and lease assignment.   We also co-ordinate efforts between lawyers, accountants, bankers, landlords, franchisors and others key stakeholders.


Yes, we create a detailed Business Profile.

Perth Business Sales believe this is an effective selling tool in presenting your business in a professional and comprehensive manner to prospective buyers. This can also assist purchasers and accountants in successfully proceeding through due diligence and obtaining finance to complete the sale process.


Yes, we develop a Marketing Plan.

A marketing plan for every business is developed in consultation with the Vendor. The marketing plan will generally include advertising on commercial business sale web sites, Perth Business Sales and AIBB web page and most importantly the use of our data base of clients.


Perth Business Sales maintain a comprehensive database of potential buyers, providing updates on all new businesses listings direct to market. We work closely with private buyers, Industry buyers, Investments buyers and Business Migration buyers.


Yes, we pre-qualify all our potential purchasers.

Qualification, when it comes to selling a business, finding the right buyer can be time-consuming and daunting.  At Perth Business Sales we are constantly reading the market, knows who’s buying what and who’s got resources, and can weed out the so-called “tire kickers” from serious buyers with sufficient financial resources.


Yes, Confidentiality is our prime focus.

 Perth Business Sales will ensure the news of the business sale remains confidential, ensuring loyal customers, staff, competitors, and suppliers find out only when you’re ready to let them know.


Yes, we take the emotion out of the process

One of the key functions of a business broker is to act as a cushion between the buyer and the seller and negotiate the details of the deal at a time when emotions can run high. A business for sale is often one of the biggest assets a business owner has, one which he or she has spent considerable time and money building.


Why choose Perth Business Sales?

When it comes to choosing a business broker, make sure there’s good chemistry between you and your business broker and that the two of you communicate well. You’re paying your business broker to look out for your interests, negotiate successfully on your behalf, and complete the transaction in a timely and professional manner.


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